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Minnesota High-Conflict Divorce Lawyer

Sometimes it is impossible for couples to work together on a divorce. If this is the case with you and your spouse, know that there are options. At , in Lakeville, Minnesota, we can give you rational legal advice grounded in more than 22 years of legal experience to help you find solutions.

Our Goal Is To Minimize Conflict

As your attorney, will work to help you find areas of agreement that can form the basis of meaningful negotiations while still protecting your interests. Todd is an experienced Minnesota high-conflict divorce attorney, and he knows how to keep your divorce moving toward an effective resolution.

Some counties use an Early Neutral Evaluation Program, which is designed to keep clients working amicably on a divorce agreement. We support the program and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation. It allows you to remain in control of the process, instead of leaving your fate up to a judge who knows little about you.

Minimizing areas of conflict is especially important if you have children. Since you and your spouse will have to continue working together on parenting decisions, cooperating now will make a big difference later.

We Can Utilize Temporary Orders To Protect Your Rights If Necessary

If you are making a good faith effort at forging an agreement but your spouse is being unreasonable, we may be able to have temporary orders enacted. These temporary orders can address issues like child custody, child support and who lives in the marital home while the divorce is being litigated.

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Contact , today at 952-232-0179 or 866-442-9693 to speak to a lawyer who will work as hard as possible to help you reach a positive resolution. If that is not possible, we can fight aggressively to protect your interests.