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Enforcement Of Parenting Time

What to Do if Your Co-Parent Won’t Let You See Your Kids

If your former spouse or the custodial parent of your children is refusing to comply with your parenting-time schedule, you can and should take action. Whether it is the occasional issue with a conflict in schedules because your children have taken on new activities, “something just came up” or you are being denied your parenting time outright, you need a skilled Lakeville attorney with experience handling enforcement of parenting time on your side.

At Dwire Law Offices, P.A., we understand how important time with your kids is to you. We will do everything we can to help you restore your parental rights. Minnesota state law requires that both parents contribute to their children’s lives. Unless there are issues of abuse, one parent cannot deny the other access to their children. We know the law and how to enforce it on your behalf.

Enforcing a Court-Ordered Parenting Plan

If the custodial parent is making occasional excuses for not letting you see your kids, our first course of action is to request a mediation session where we can sit down and discuss the underlying issues. We will attend this session with you if you wish. In many cases, a chance to talk before a neutral mediator can help smooth out the situation and things can return to normal.

If the custodial parent is flat-out refusing to allow you to see your children, we can file an order with the courts to show cause and hold the other party in contempt of court orders. This gets the courts involved and may enact some legal requirements that the custodial parent must fulfill. If the situation is extreme, we may consider using the fact that you are being denied your parental rights in order to file for a change of custody, making you the custodial parent.

While we understand the frustration you may feel regarding this issue, we do not recommend confronting your co-parent about it on your own about child custody. It is possible that doing so would result in a domestic incident, which can lead to an arrest. It can also have a negative impact on your children. Instead, seek the help of a knowledgeable lawyer to regain your parental rights.

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