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Twin Cities Separation Agreement Attorney

One alternative to divorce that many couples may hear about is a “legal separation.” For some couples, it may be the right option. If you and your spouse are contemplating divorce and have more questions about what a “legal separation” entails, we at Dwire Law Offices, P.A., can help.

Located in Lakeville, Minnesota, we are one of the Twin Cities area’s premier family law firms because of our focus on each client’s unique needs. We can give you the practical legal guidance you need to make informed decisions that protect your interests.

What Happens In A Legal Separation In Minnesota?

It is important to understand that a legal separation is not a cheaper or quicker alternative to divorce in Minnesota. In a Minnesota legal separation, you will likely still have to deal with child custody, child support, property and asset division, and spousal maintenance. The process can take just as long and cost just as much as a divorce.

Unlike a divorce, however, you will still be married after your legal separation is finalized. If you and your spouse wish to end your marriage, you will then have to go through the divorce process.

For some couples, such as those whose religion is opposed to divorce or those who wish to stay together for health care-related reasons, a legal separation may be the right option. However, consulting with an experienced family lawyer like Todd Dwire is essential before making any decisions.

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