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Parenting Time

Focusing on What Matters

When it comes to child custody, the time you spend with your children is sometimes more important than labels related to custody. At Dwire Law Offices in Lakeville, Minnesota, lawyer Todd Dwire will help you achieve a parenting time schedule that makes sense for you and your child.

Your parenting time schedule is the calendar that defines when your child will be with you and when your child will be with the other parent. Your parenting time schedule will say where your child will be on holidays, extended vacations, spring breaks and school breaks.

The parenting time arrangement that makes sense for you will depend on a variety of factors, including the parties’ respective parental roles, work schedules, the child’s age, social activities and extracurricular activities.

To the court, child custody and parenting time have nothing to do with mom’s rights or dad’s rights. They are simply an analysis of what is in the best interest of the children.

Negotiated Right of First Refusal

The parents may negotiate parenting-time solutions wherein the non-custodial parent has the right to care for the child before the custodial parent can delegate that duty to babysitters, grandparents or other third parties. A skilled family law attorney can help you negotiate such a provision.

When Parenting Time Modifications Are Necessary

The need to relocate, a child’s performance at school and conflicts in the home are examples of times when child custody and parenting time may need to be revisited. In order to avoid potentially serious legal problems, it’s important for your lawyer to formally modify any change in a parenting-time schedule.

As time goes on, kids get older, parents move and circumstances change. These changes may require modifications to meet the best interests of the children.

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