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Parenting Agreements

Finding a Plan That Works for Everyone

A parenting plan is a detailed document that lays out the decision-making powers of each parent, the time that each parent has with his or her children and how the family will operate in separate households going forward. While there are some requirements that need to be met, there is a great deal of flexibility in drawing up your parenting plan so that it fits the needs of you, your co-parent and your children.

At , in Lakeville, Minnesota, we work closely with you to structure your parenting plan to your needs. We can make it as specific or as flexible as you and your co-parent need it to be. What is most important is that it is something both of you feel you can stick to and make work on a regular basis. We will help you find that balance.

Creating a Minnesota Parenting Plan

A parenting plan lays out how you and your co-parent will work together to raise your children going forward. It includes day-to-day details as well as decision-making powers. Parenting plans generally include:

  • When the children will spend time with each parent, including a calendar of days spent at each parent’s house
  • Which holidays and special occasions children spend with each parent, which can be broken down by even and odd years
  • Major decision-making powers on important issues such as education, health and medical care, religion and extracurricular or recreational activities
  • How vacations will be split between parents and any restrictions during those times
  • Communication between parents and children when they are separated
  • Communication between parents regarding emergencies, conduct and other issues
  • Child care
  • Extended family relationships, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins
  • Transportation of children to and from parents’ residences
  • Each parent’s location and informing the co-parent if one parent chooses to move
  • Special needs of the children
  • Any other concerns the parents would want to address, regarding their children

Our child custody lawyer will help you determine the issues you want to address and the rules and schedules you want to set. He will work with your co-parent and his or her attorney to negotiate anything that may be in dispute. We want to help you and your family make the transition from one household to two as smoothly as possible.

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