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What is the history of alimony?

When a family law court orders one spouse to pay the other spouse financial support during separation or after divorce -- either permanently or temporarily -- it's considered alimony. In some instances, the paying spouse may question why alimony is necessary and wonder how the concept came to be.

In order to understand the history of alimony, we have to go back into legal history to the English ecclesiastical courts.

These 3 reasons are why most people divorce

Many people think that the number one cause of divorce is infidelity. While people do file for divorce because of a cheating spouse, there are actually several other reasons for divorce that are more common. You might also be surprised to learn that money does not make the list of the top three reasons why people divorce.

Even if your reasons for wanting to divorce are not on the list, it does not mean that they are less valid. In reality, if you simply feel like your life would be better if you were no longer married, then divorce is probably a good choice.

What to expect when you bring up the idea of the divorce process

Did you know that female spouses initiate approximately three out of four divorces? This figure could change in the years to come as a result of new laws that allow for same-sex marriages. Nevertheless, it's an interesting statistic to note. It takes a great deal of courage for any spouse to initiate the "divorce talk," and maybe this is proof that women are the most courageous of the human species.In some cases, spouses who want to be free never state their wish to divorce because they just don't know how to do it. If you're feeling this way, the advice that follows should help.

How to broach the divorce topic

Thinking of divorce? Avoid these mistakes

Divorce can be a very difficult process that involves complicated decisions. This makes it necessary to spend time preparing. If you rush through the process, you risk making mistakes that can cost you a fair share of your marital assets. For example, if you are too focused on getting through the divorce, you may not take into consideration the tax consequences of keeping your house in the Twin Cities or selling it and dividing the proceeds.

It is easy to overlook the details when the only thing you are focused on is signing the divorce papers. Read below for some mistakes you should avoid during your divorce.

How to approach the topic of divorce with your kids

You and your spouse have had the "talk" with each other and now it's time to tell your kids: You're getting a divorce. But how do you go about doing that while honoring the needs and sensitivities of a young child?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to talking to kids about divorce. Parents need to consider the age and maturity of their children, as well as the unique needs that their children may have. That said, the following pieces of advice may prove helpful when approaching this topic with your children.

Have you been keeping a parenting journal?

Every day you do so many things for your child. If you're a co-parent with 50-50 custody, if you have full custody, or if you have regular visits with your child, you may want to consider keeping a parenting journal.

Your parenting journal will provide excellent evidence of your child care contribution if that contribution ever gets challenged in court.

Develop a parenting plan for a 6- to 12-year-old child

The ages of 6 to 12 are some of the most beautiful in a child's life. As a parent, you can watch your child discover his or her likes, dislikes and interests. You might even delight in watching your child develop a passion for a new hobby that he or she carries along into adulthood.

Just because your child is in a wonderful time of his or her development, however, does not mean that everything will be going perfectly between you and your spouse. You may find that divorce is necessary during this time in your child's life, and that means you'll need to develop a parenting plan so that both you and your ex can raise your child -- separately and also as a team.

2 relationship tips from divorce lawyers

Most people do not think of turning to their lawyer for relationship advice, but you would be surprised what lawyers learn about human relationships, just by doing their jobs. Divorce lawyers especially have seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to human relationships. Believe it or not, your divorce attorney probably knows a great deal about what can turn a marriage relationship sour.

In this article, we will look at two pieces of marriage advice that every divorce lawyer is familiar with.

Contentious divorce results in loss of job: Avoid the same fate

Think the battles that come from a contentious divorce will always stay in the courtroom? Think again. Unfortunately, some of the details of the divorce can leak out to the public. This can have a negative impact on each party's reputation and have an effect on various parts of the lives of each individual even after the divorce is finalized.

Is collaborative divorce or mediation an option for you?

A protracted, contentious divorce is an exhausting and expensive process. Many people don't relish the idea of listening to their former spouse outline their worst behavior during marriage in from a courtroom, which could include their children. Collaborative divorce is an excellent alternative for those who believe they can reach mutual agreements with a former spouse.

Collaborative divorce is also called an uncontested divorce. If you and your former spouse both agree that dissolution of your marriage is in everyone's best interest, you can set the terms and details of your divorce.

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