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Social Early Neutral Evaluations

During a divorce, the most emotional and contentious disputes tend to arise over issues of child custody and parenting plans. One’s parental instinct is often to fight, and in legal matters, that means going to battle in the courtroom. Unfortunately, these battles may be costly, time-consuming and seriously damaging to the children involved.

Minnesota courts recognize this and divorcing couples are given many options for reaching resolutions to child custody matters through much more amicable means. One of the methods offered that allows divorcing parents to work together to reach agreements is the Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE).

Experience, Knowledge and Neutrality in an SENE

At Dwire Law Offices, P.A., in Lakeville, we offer ENE services from lawyer and certified Early Neutral Evaluator Todd Dwire. Mr. Dwire has spent more than 22 years handling child custody and other family law issues in Minnesota courtrooms, and he brings that knowledge to his role as an evaluator.

Be aware that you and your spouse may each come to the SENE with your own attorney who can advocate for you. However, Mr. Dwire’s role is purely neutral. He will ask questions about your situation and learn about the disagreements. He will get to know you and your spouse’s relationship with the child or children. He will gather information about your specific situation and then provide you with details about how the law addresses cases like yours.

Depending on your situation, the SENE process may last one or possibly multiple sessions. At the conclusion, Mr. Dwire will present you with recommendations. You can trust that these recommendations come from a thorough understanding of your situation, your goals, and the applicable child custody and parenting plan laws in Minnesota. You may discuss the recommendations with your lawyer and determine whether you would like to follow them.

If you would like to learn more about Todd Dwire‘s credentials as a Social Early Neutral Evaluator, contact the law firm online or by telephone at 952-232-0179 or 866-442-9693.