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Helping Fathers Fight For Child Custody Rights

When a man is involved in a family law battle, specifically in a case involving his children and his rights as a father, he may face an uphill battle. Minnesota family law courts have historically been biased in favor of mothers. While the landscape of Minnesota law may be changing, in many situations, fathers still require aggressive advocacy in divorce proceedings.

Your rights as a father are vitally important, and our fathers’ rights lawyer, Todd Dwire, recognizes that. At Dwire Law Offices, we offer supportive, experienced and effective legal services to fathers involved in various divorce and paternity cases in Dakota, Rice and Scott counties.

Understanding Fathers’ Rights In Minnesota

As a father, you want to spend as much quality time with your child (or children) as possible. Whether through child custody or parenting time agreements, our Lakeville fathers’ rights lawyer will help you achieve a schedule that makes sense for you and your child. Men who come to our law office know that their interests, as well as the interests of their children, will be protected throughout the divorce process. In paternity cases, this may involve DNA tests.

Child support is determined by mandatory state guidelines. If you are a noncustodial parent and will be paying child support, our attorney can ensure that the support payments are determined fairly. Similarly, our attorney can also ensure that alimony is determined in a fair manner.

While fathers’ rights have improved, judges and guidelines can still be biased toward mothers. With knowledgeable legal counsel, you can feel confident that your rights and best interests as a father are protected. You can avoid making the common mistakes fathers make.

We Help You Overcome Bias In Family Courts

At Dwire Law Offices, we recognize the challenges fathers face in family courts and are committed to helping you overcome potential biases. Our approach is multifaceted and tailored to your unique situation:

  • Comprehensive documentation: We assist you in gathering and presenting evidence that demonstrates your active involvement in your child’s life. This includes records of time spent with your child, participation in school activities and financial contributions.
  • Challenging stereotypes: Our team is skilled at addressing and dispelling common misconceptions about fathers in custody cases. We highlight your strengths as a parent and advocate for gender-neutral consideration of parenting abilities.
  • Emphasizing co-parenting: We focus on demonstrating your willingness and ability to cooperate with your child’s other parent. This approach aligns with the court’s preference for arrangements that foster healthy relationships with both parents.
  • Showcasing stability: We help present evidence of your stable home environment, employment and support system – factors that courts look at when determining the best interests of the child.
  • Utilizing expert testimony: When necessary, we collaborate with child psychologists and other experts who can provide professional insights into the importance of father-child relationships and your specific situation.
  • Negotiation and mediation: Our attorneys are capable negotiators, often able to reach fair agreements outside of court, reducing the impact of potential biases in the courtroom.
  • Educating the court: We’re prepared to present research and statistics that show the positive impact of father involvement in children’s lives, challenging any outdated presumptions.
  • Aggressive advocacy: When facing clear bias, we’re ready to assertively challenge unfair treatment and decisions, protecting your rights throughout the legal process.

Our goal is to level the playing field, ensuring that you have the best possible chance of achieving a fair custody arrangement that recognizes your vital role in your child’s life. With Dwire Law Offices, you have a dedicated ally in your fight for fathers’ rights.

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