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How Do I Get Unpaid Child Support Payments?

Holding Parents Accountable For Their Financial Responsibilities To Their Children

The state of Minnesota requires both parents to be financially responsible for their children. Typically, the parent with less parenting time pays child support to the other parent. If the obligor falls behind in his or her obligations, the arrearages can accumulate quickly, causing a problem for both parents.

At Dwire Law Offices, we help parents pursue unpaid child support payments. Our attorney has more than 22 years of experience in family law and understands how important these payments are to you and your children. We will do everything we can to help.

Lakeville Lawyer Handling Unpaid Child Support Payments

For many situations, you can “enter and docket a judgment” with the county, which will ultimately result in the ability to collect on the back child support payments by garnishing the obligor’s wages or bank account or putting a lien on his or her house or other property. However, the county courts are typically overwhelmed, and this process can take quite a while.

Alternatively, you can retain our lawyer to make a motion to hold the other party accountable. This can expedite the process and may help you get your child support arrearages paid faster. We investigate the obligor to get the necessary information and documentation, including tax returns and check stubs, when available. For people who are unemployed, or who are self-employed or working “under the table,” finding this information may be more difficult.

Once we have the necessary information, we analyze it and let you know what you can expect. Whenever possible, we sit down with the obligor to try to work out an arrangement so that you can get paid. If the obligor refuses or claims to be unable to pay, we will take your case to court to hold him or her accountable for the money you are owed.

You need your child support payments to feed and clothe your children as well as pay for other expenses like child care, health care and others. You have every right to require that your former spouse or other parent of your child fulfill his or her obligations to you and to your children.

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