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Keeping You Safe After An Order For Protection Violation

An order for protection (OFP) is put in place to protect you and your children from any further violence caused by your husband or partner. The OFP prevents the accused from contacting you by any means or from continuing to reside in your home.

Many women continue to allow their husbands or partners to communicate with them, despite having an order for protection in place. Any contact between you or your children and the accused is considered a violation of the order for protection in Minnesota. You have the right to enforce that order.

Dwire Law Offices, in Lakeville, Minnesota can help you enforce your order for protection and prevent your husband or partner from having any contact with you or your children. If you feel your husband or partner has violated your OFP, call us. Our lawyer will help you determine if your OFP was violated, whether we can prove it and if so, how to get law enforcement involved.

You Put This Protection in Place — Use It

Many women who obtain orders for protection feel guilty when their husbands or partners are removed from their homes and not allowed access to their kids. This guilt may be internal or may come indirectly from the accused through friends, relatives or kids. If the danger to you and your family is legitimate, you should use the protection the law has given you. There are a few ways you can become your own OFP enforcement committee:

  • Keep track of all continued communication via text, email, phone or other methods. The accused is not supposed to contact you. Period. If he does, report these incidents so they’re on the record.
  • Keep a copy of your order for protection with you at all times so if your husband or partner confronts you in a public place, you can call the police and show them the OFP.
  • Ask your kids to help you by letting you know if your husband or partner has contacted them. They are usually included in the order for protection as persons not to be contacted.

An order for protection is there to keep you and your children safe from domestic violence. Don’t be afraid to use it.

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