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Parental Alienation In Minnesota Divorces

A common concern for parents going through divorce is attempting to turn children against their other parent. Doing this, however, could hurt your own relationship with your children, and it could lead to legal consequences such as loss of parenting time.

At Dwire Law Offices, P.A., in Lakeville, Minnesota, we protect children’s best interests, and that includes combating parental “alienation” strategies used by some parents.

What Divorcing Parents Should And Should Not Do With Their Children

We understand that divorces can be extremely emotional, bitter experiences. However, bringing children into the middle of them will likely only make things worse. Parents going through a divorce should never:

  • Gossip about the divorce to their children
  • Use their children to send messages to their spouse
  • Badmouth the other parent in front of the children
  • Deny parenting time to the other parent
  • Undermine the other parent’s discipline

Instead, if you are going through a divorce, leave the complex legal work to us, while you continue to focus on raising your children. This means complying with child custody and parenting time orders and letting your children know that your divorce is not their fault.

If your ex-spouse is attempting to turn your children against you, talk to an experienced family lawyer like Todd Dwire for help. He understands the benefit of parental involvement of both parents and will fight to protect your rights and put a stop to alienating behavior.

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