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Social media use during divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2024 | Divorce |

People who are going through a divorce often want to reach out to their support system. With the popularity of social media, some people opt to vent about their feelings and situations on these platforms.

While posting on social media might seem innocent to some, these actions can actually lead to considerable trouble for a person who’s divorcing. In many cases, it’s best to avoid social media during a divorce because of these concerns.

Impact on divorce proceedings

Using social media during divorce can have a direct impact on the proceedings. Anything that’s said on a social media platform, including posts, comments and photos, can become evidence that may influence decisions about property division or child custody.

For example, if one party claims financial hardship while posting pictures of expensive vacations or purchases, it can raise questions about their actual financial status. Additionally, if one person speaks negatively of the other on social media, it may be construed as meaning they’re unwilling to work with that person on matters related to their children.

Even deleted information is permanent

One thing that anyone going through a divorce should remember is that anything posted on social media is permanent. Even if something is deleted, someone may have already taken a screenshot of it, which preserves it forever.

Even if a person has their privacy settings at a higher level than normal, it’s still possible that what they say or do on the platform will be relayed to their ex. Once that happens, the ex may be able to twist the information around to serve their own good, even if that’s not how the person posting it intended it to be used.

The decision about whether to use social media or not during a divorce should be considered carefully. Seeking legal assistance with that decision and everything related to a divorce may help individuals in this position to make choices that are in their best interests. Ultimately, the goal is to legally end a marriage with the best terms possible.


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