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Could a sleep divorce help spouses save their marriages?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2023 | Divorce |

Numerous changes in household circumstances can put pressure on a marital relationship and increase the risk that people may end up divorcing. Changes in personal values or a diagnosis of cancer can sometimes lead to divorce. Other times, it may be a slow shift of household schedules and increasing interpersonal hostility that lead to spouses filing for divorce.

For example, if one spouse works third shift and the other works first shift, not only will the lack of quality time damage their relationship, but the effects of sharing sleep space and the low-quality sleep that may result from those conflicting schedules could leave couples constantly arguing with each other and on the cusp of marital dissolution.

For those who have different schedules or for whom one spouse’s snoring has proven to be a major marital challenge, a sleep divorce could potentially alleviate the strain on a marital relationship and prevent an actual divorce.

What does a sleep divorce involve?

In most cases, there’s nothing legal or official about a sleep divorce. It simply involves each spouse getting their own space in the marital home. Having separate bedrooms can fix numerous challenges straining a marital relationship.

Each spouse can have a mattress that fits their needs, thereby potentially improving sleep quality and reducing chronic pain. Neither spouse will be the reason that the other wakes up frequently throughout the night, which can diminish resentment. Additionally, the extra space allowed in separate sleeping arrangements can lead to enhanced intimacy when couples do connect with each other.

A sleep divorce won’t fix deep-set issues plaguing a couple’s relationship, but it can alleviate the strain caused by snoring, blanket thievery and incompatible schedules. Those desperate for relief within their marriage may want to think about how actual divorce could occur in the future. When a couple tries out a sleep divorce, they may also want to sit down to negotiate a postnuptial agreement. Doing so can help them minimize the drama and expense that could result if they end up legally divorcing despite trying to improve their relationship by sleeping separately.

Learning more about how couples avoid and also prepare for divorce filings can help those who are facing marital challenges in Minnesota choose the best path forward for their unique needs and circumstances.



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