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Custody considerations for medical professionals

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2022 | Divorce |

You work an intense job in a complicated field. You are regularly at the hospital, involved in surgeries and handle emergencies daily.

Your spouse has always been there to support you, but after years of long days and nights, a toll was taken on your family. Your spouse asked for a divorce, and you’ve been trying to figure out what to do ever since.

With two children, you want to be sure that you’re still getting to see them and have the time to be in their lives. You’d like to have regular parenting time, but is it realistic with your job?

Keep in mind your children’s best interests

Your job as a parent is to keep your children’s best interests at heart at all times. You need to make sure that you talk to your spouse about your current schedule and the fact that you’d like to have custody at least some of the time.

Your spouse may have concerns, such as how you’re going to handle child custody during swing shifts or how you’ll take care of your child when you have to go into the hospital for an emergency. You should make a plan and discuss the options. For example, if your child’s grandparent lives nearby, would they be willing to provide coverage in the case that you had to go in for work? Can you get a nanny or babysitter that will be in the home on the days when you may have to leave?

There are many medical professionals who have custody of their children and see them regularly. Many of those people have moved to more predictable schedules. One thing you might consider is talking to your employer about getting on a more regular schedule, so you know when you’ll be available and that you have coverage at work on the days when you need to be home.

There are solutions for parents going through divorce. You deserve an opportunity to see and interact with your children, but it may take some creative thinking and scheduling to set up a plan that works for everyone involved.


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