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Should you wait for your spouse to approach you about divorcing?

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2022 | Divorce |

You and your spouse have been together for a long time, but you feel like your marriage has played itself out. Your children have moved out, and you no longer spend much time together at all. You know your spouse is unhappy and has been telling people as much, but it’s not upsetting since you’re feeling the same way.

In this kind of scenario, you may feel that it’s best to wait for them to decide to come to you about divorcing, but waiting may not be beneficial. If you have heard rumors that your spouse isn’t happy and you feel the same way, it may be better for you to start the conversation about divorcing now.

Why avoid waiting to talk about divorce?

There is an issue that may arise if you don’t open up about feeling the same way as your spouse, and that is that they may not want to approach you about divorcing. Feeling that way could lead to many months or years longer together where the status quo stays the same but neither of you are really happy.

If you know that a divorce would be in your best interests or be something that your spouse would want, then you should start the conversation. Schedule a time to sit down together, and ask your spouse how they’re feeling about your marriage. If they don’t open up about their feelings, you may want to give your opinion on how things are going and then decide if you’d like to have a mutual agreement to divorce.

It’s sometimes the case that spouses don’t want to disappoint one another or that a fear of animosity will hold them back from asking to divorce. If you know that the conversation needs to happen and are sure that you want to move forward with a divorce, don’t wait. You could help your spouse by being the one to breach a sensitive topic and show that you are in agreement with them. Then, you can both find the legal support you need and start on the process of divorcing, whether that’s collaborative or you negotiate with the help of your attorneys.


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