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Divorcing? Your child’s teacher may be able to help

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2022 | Divorce |

When you’re going through a divorce with children, it can be hard to know what’s on their minds. Most of the time, your children may be at school and interacting with teachers and peers, but that might be helpful to you. Knowing that your children may not come to you with complaints about what’s going on at home, you may want to approach their teacher about any behavioral changes or statements about the divorce that your children have made.

Working with a teacher to help your children through moves or changes in their routine could be beneficial. How? Teachers see these things happen regularly and may be able to give you good insight on how your children are coping. They may be able to inform you of behavioral changes that you might not have noticed or be able to help manage custody arrangements to make it easier for your children to know which bus to take home on which day of the week.

When your children are school-aged, keep teachers informed

Sometimes, parents forget what a significant part of their children’s lives their teachers are. Teachers should be informed about the divorce and changes at home. This may help reduce conflicts over missing homework or behavioral changes, because the teacher will understand why those things may be happening.

Keep open lines of communication with each of your children’s teachers and the school in general, so that it may assist with issues like making sure your children are only picked up by those who are authorized or knowing that you do need to invest in children’s therapy or family therapy because of significant behavioral changes that aren’t improving.

Schools may have groups for children who are going through divorce, too, which teachers may be able to give you more information about. This kind of group can help your children know that they’re not alone and that many children go through this same situation.

It takes a community to raise children, and it’s okay to need to reach out to the school for assistance. Being involved in doing what’s best for your children is a step in the right direction toward helping them adapt.


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