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Use of experts crucial in Minnesota high-asset divorce cases

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2014 | Firm News |

There are perhaps few things in life less predictable than how individuals will act during their divorce. Many times, that is because the stakes are so high for either spouse. If children are also involved in a divorce, emotions experienced by both spouses can particularly become inflamed. Unfortunately, sometimes during hotly contested divorces items such as high-priced pieces of art, luxury cars and even watercraft serve as the proxies for both spouses.

As mentioned on another page of our website, Minnesota divorce law centers on one crucial phrase when determining how to distribute assets and property between both parties. The term “fair and equitable distribution” becomes the standard by which a court must adhere to when severing a marital estate. But who determines exactly what is fair and equitable?

Our law firm utilizes valuation experts such as forensic accountants and certified business appraisers to help assist us in determining the precise values for any component of a marital estate. A good example of this might be a family- owned business that has been in one spouse’s family for several generations prior to the marriage. Valuation experts may be helpful in assessing the net worth of the company prior to the marriage as well as predicting an estimate of its future earning potential. This may be particularly beneficial in cases where one spouse is also seeking alimony.

Additionally, valuation experts can also assist our law firm with helping to uncover assets that one spouse is attempting to conceal from the other.

Based in Lakeview, our law firm serves clients throughout the Twin-Cities Metropolitan area and greater Minnesota. There is no charge to you for an initial consultation regarding your high-asset divorce.


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