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Timberwolves player accused of domestic abuse

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2014 | Firm News |

Even under normal conditions, domestic abuse is a frightening experience which can negatively impact a person to the point where they are constantly fearful for their safety. However, when the alleged assailant of that crime is also a wealthy and influence person, the victim often feels that terror even more acutely.

According to police in the Minneapolis suburb of Medina, 26-year-old Dante Cunningham was arrested after his live-in girlfriend of eight months claimed that he had broken thorough a locked bedroom door and choked her to the point where she could not breathe. Police arrested Cunningham, but he soon posted bond and went on to play in a game versus the Orlando Magic in Florida. According to the Median police chief, Cunningham was arrested again shortly after he returned from his road trip for making threats against the alleged victim, which according to the chief, “… rose to the terroristic level”.

It is important to note that Cunningham has not been charged for making the threats, although police did seize his cellphone and his computer as part of an ongoing investigation. His is scheduled to appear soon to answer for charges on the initial assault case.

Of course, Cunningham is considered innocent until proven guilty, but as this case demonstrates, sometimes victims feel as though they need help right away — before the date of the hearing. That is what an order of protection is all about. It is a legal order that requires someone to stay away from you. In most cases, police will provide you with information on how to obtain an order of protection when they respond to a call in which you have been a victim of domestic abuse.

Regardless of whether the charges against Cunningham are true, he is almost certainly going to be represented by counsel throughout the court process. Likewise, it would be prudent for the victim in this case to also retain someone to advocate forcefully on her behalf.

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