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Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng divorce after 14 years

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2013 | Firm News |

Many of our readers are undoubtedly familiar with the famous Rupert Murdoch – the billionaire media mogul who controls a number of large and successful companies. His wife, however, may be less familiar to readers.

Those who have heard of Wendi Deng probably remember her from her brief appearance on the world’s stage in 2011. On that occasion, Deng struck a protester who was attempting to throw a pie in Murdoch’s face during a British parliamentary committee hearing.

Recently, Deng and Murdoch attended a different kind of hearing – a divorce hearing. The two have decided to divorce after 14 years of marriage. Citing irretrievable differences, Murdoch and Deng finalized their divorce during a brief, 10-minute meeting in a New York courtroom.

The separation was effected so quickly because the pair had come prepared – they had already arranged an acceptable divorce settlement. The divorce agreement was arranged in private with the assistance of their attorneys. Presumably, it addressed the issues of property division, a task that, given the size of the Murdoch fortune, must have required considerable effort.

The division of property was probably helped along by a prenuptial agreement that the two had signed before their wedding. Though the terms of the agreement have been kept secret, it undoubtedly simplified the divorce process by outlining certain terms and conditions.

Murdoch’s business empire, for example, will remain under his control – sources say that under the agreement, Deng will not gain voting rights as part of the divorce. Neither will the two children that Murdoch and Deng have together – an issue that reportedly caused friction between the couple.

The divorce is an example of how an amicable divorce can be done quietly and privately. When a couple can agree upon the terms of a divorce between themselves, the separation can be done much more quickly and privately. This, in turn, can help couples move on more easily.

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