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After pool accident, Usher’s ex-wife requests custody hearing

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2013 | Firm News |

When Minnesota parents get divorced, child custody often becomes the primary issue. Once an arrangement is reached, parents are expected to adhere to it. Some circumstances, however, may warrant a change in child custody.

An example of a situation that may be grounds for a change in custody is playing out in court right now. Yesterday, the ex-wife of hip-hop artist Usher requested an immediate child custody hearing in the hopes of regaining custody of their two children. Her request stems from an incident at Usher’s home in which one of his son’s got stuck in the swimming pool’s drain after falling in. Fortunately, he survived, but the incident has sparked a heated discussion over custody.

Last year, Usher was awarded full custody of the two children. His ex-wife, however, claims that the singer is an absent parent, leaving their children with caretakers while he travels and failing to ensure they are supervised at home. The two are set to appear in court on Friday to decide if the custody arrangement should be altered. 

It is easy to see either side of this situation. From Usher’s perspective, parents make mistakes. While you want to be watching them every minute of every day, you can’t. Even though the pool incident was scary, it may not be a testament to his parenting skills. 

Oh his ex-wife’s side, she has been unable to spend a significant amount of time with her children. She wants them to be safe, and after a situation like this, she decided to seek custody to protect her children. 

Ultimately, however, the judge must make a decision that best fits the needs of the children, not their parents. The same is true in any Minnesota custody case. If a change must be made to a custody arrangment, it must benefit the children. 

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