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Domestic abuse of children, mother, lands St. Paul man in jail

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2013 | Firm News |

Domestic violence is a serious problem that unfortunately affects many people in Minnesota. Despite the fact that our state has numerous resources for victims of domestic violence, people continue to be harmed by their spouses and partners. While we hope that we can find a way to end domestic violence completely, some may find a small sense of relief knowing that some perpetrators of domestic violence are held accountable through our criminal justice system.

Recently, a 21-year-old man from St. Paul was ordered by a Washington County judge to spend six years in prison for child abuse and domestic abuse. According to reports, the man abused both of his children, whipping one with a television cord. The children’s mother had also suffered abuse at the hands of the man. When he thought she was on the phone with another man, he began kicking and punching her.

After the man abused her children, the woman took them to their grandmother’s home. Their grandmother brought them to the hospital for treatment, where she told a nurse she believed they had been abused. The nurse reported the incident to authorities. Eventually, the man was convicted of domestic abuse and maliciously punishing a child.

While it is certainly fortunate that this man won’t be able to harm anyone for several years, there are still others in Minnesota who continue to abuse their partners. Those who have been victimized by domestic abuse should know that there are ways to get help. Seeking an order of protection is a good first step toward ensuring that you and your children are safe. An attorney can help explain how to request one.

Source: CBS Minnesota, “Man, 21, Gets 6 Years For Hitting Kids With TV Cord, Domestic Assault,” July 22, 2013


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