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Prenuptial agreements: An insurance policy for marriage?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2013 | Firm News |

Getting married to someone is one of the biggest commitments a Minnesota resident can make in their lifetime. Marriage is essentially a contract that does not expire until death. Just like most contracts, there is a way to terminate it early, but it often comes with consequences. Ending a marriage prematurely can often come with several negative emotional and financial drawbacks including property division, spousal maintenance and in some cases, child support. However, for individuals with a prenuptial agreement, many of divorce’s issues are alleviated.

Prenuptial agreements are essentially an insurance policy in case anything is to happen to the marriage. If a divorce results, most prenuptial agreements will outline what is to happen in the aftermath. For many soon-to-be-wed couples, sitting down to discuss the “what ifs” of a divorce could potentially save a lot of trouble down the road. No one would want to drive a car without proper insurance, so why should marriage be any different? Statistically, half of all American weddings will end in divorce.

Despite this daunting statistic, many couples make it through the test of time remaining married for 50 plus years. Either way, having a little insurance wouldn’t hurt. Prenuptial agreements have long been thought of as a perk, just for wealthy or celebrity couples. In reality, they can benefit just about every couple and can be constructed in little time. Prenuptial agreements should never be rushed into signing.

Any Minnesota couples that have given some serious thought about entering into signing a prenuptial agreement may find an attorney to be beneficial. In most cases, prenuptial agreements can be done inexpensively and provide a lifetime of insurance in case a marriage goes awry.

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