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Rihanna considered bad role model for domestic violence victims

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2013 | Firm News |

Despite a roaring performance in St. Paul, many Rihanna fans are questioning her recent move to get back together with ex R&B singer Chris Brown after he brutally beat her in 2010. The pop singer has faced much criticism for her actions and has been deemed by some as a bad role model for domestic violence victims across America.

Rihanna is just one of the millions of Americans who has been a victim of Domestic Violence. Statistically it is more likely to happen to women but there are numerous cases of men being the victims. Research has shown that most victims of domestic violence tend to go back to their abusive ex between five to six times before finally getting away. For many people in marriages where domestic violence occurs, this can be a major problem, especially with children.

Annually, nearly 10 million children will witness some form of domestic abuse. For parents suffering abuse from their spouse, it should be a warming sign to leave. For numerous victims, divorce may be a stepping stone to ending the violence. While divorce may be a long term solution, it may not immediately help. If any individual is in danger of abuse in the state of Minnesota, they can request an order of protection, which typically provides immediate relief. The victim will have to describe to a judge specific incidents of domestic abuse before the judge grants an ex-parte protection order which prevents the abusive spouse from having contact with the individual until after a proper court hearing.

It is strongly recommended that any Minnesotan suffering from an abusive marriage or relationship immediate help. Seeking the help of an attorney may be the first step to ending domestic violence.

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