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Minnesota man arrested on domestic violence charges

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2013 | Firm News |

Motherhood has its ups and downs but for this 90-year-old mother, the dark side is evident. A Minnesota man was arrested following allegations of domestic abuse against his 90-year-old mother.

According to reports, officers responded to the residence where both the mother and son lived after receiving a text message from a neighbor. Upon their arrival, the officers were told that the son was allegedly pushing his mother and threatening to kill her. The mother alleged that her son was angry because she refused to transfer her house in his name. The mother went on to allege that her son had slapped her and pulled her hair in the past. It was noted that the son has two prior convictions of domestic violence for making terroristic threats and stalking.

Domestic violence is a serious matter and can result in serious injuries or death if not taken under control. In cases where a person is being abused, legal steps can be taken to protect that person through what is called an order of protection. The order of protection is initiated by filing an application with the court and detailing the incidents of domestic violence. The application is filed ex-parte, meaning the party does not have to appear in court. If the facts are sufficiently stated to show that a person is in imminent danger, the judge will sign the order of protection without a hearing until a hearing can take place shortly thereafter. The order of protection will legally bar the alleged abuser from coming near the victim and can even have the other party removed from the home. The ex-parte nature of the order of protection also leaves room for abuse and some people can find themselves fighting a false accusation of domestic violence.

Minnesota residents who believe they are in imminent danger of domestic abuse and those that believe they are falsely accused should consult a legal representative to discuss their rights. Domestic violence is a serious matter. An order of protection can help those who believe they are in danger and a fair hearing can help those who believe they were falsely accused.

Source: CBS Minnesota, “Charges: Burnsville man assaults mother 90, throws her dog,” April 16, 2013


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