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The struggles of child support and child custody

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Almost every Minnesotan who has gone through a divorce with children involved probably knows that it can be difficult. Whether it’s joint custody or split custody, child custody is no walk in the park.

In the United States, more than 100 billion dollars is owed in unpaid child support. Some celebrities are more than $500,000 behind in child support payments. Boxer Evander Holyfield has managed to reach that amount, most of it coming from his 12 children with six different mothers. How does one manage to owe that kind of money? It depends on several factors, including who gets custody of the child and how much each individual earns. Usually, the more children the more a person will pay. In most cases the courts will award custody to the parent that can provide the best environment for the child. The court will look at which parent is the primary caretaker during the course of the marriage and usually grant full or partial custody to that parent. Once custody is obtained, child support can come into consideration.

Being eligible for child support depends on numerous things, but mostly if there was a big enough gap in the earnings between parents. If there is a substantial difference in income, like many celebrities cases, one parent may have to make child support payments to the other. The bigger the difference the more money is usually paid. There are exceptions, but that’s generally what will happen.

Determining who gets custody of the child can make a dramatic difference in a child’s life. When faced with a child custody battle, it is important to get the right information in order to determine the best result in a child support situation.

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