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Military begins offering marriage workshops for returning troops

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2012 | Firm News |

about 30,000 service members going through a divorce last year alone. Many say that this is due to the stress of wartime deployments.

Especially for couples who got married just before a deployment or had children before or during a deployment, it can be difficult to reconnect when the serviceperson returns home. Along with the challenges of getting back into a routine and acclimating to life as a part of a couple again, many service members also return from Iraq and Afghanistan with substantial mental health issues including PTSD.

One family told reporters that even household chores can be a source of difficulty, with the spouse that stayed home having adapted their routine and lifestyle to work without the assistance of their spouse. Suddenly the other person has returned and household duties need to be redistributed, even though it can be tough to ask for help.

In response to these common issues, the Navy and other branches of the military have started to offer support groups and workshops to these families.

Unfortunately not all military families are able to work out their differences. For couples who do choose to end their marriage, ongoing service and the risk of another deployment can make the custody and financial arrangements difficult.

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