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Kobe Bryant and wife reconsider divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2012 | Firm News |

Basketball player Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa have reportedly called-off their divorce, at least for the moment. The process made headlines because of the complex assets involved and the transfer of several homes that the couple shared together to Vanessa’s sole ownership.

As with many couples dealing with various assets and child custody issues, there have been many ups and downs during the process for the Bryant’s. However, the possible reconciliation means that the arrangement they worked out will no longer be relevant, which raises questions about who will maintain ownership of the homes.

Some states have waiting periods to finalize the divorce that begin when the initial filing is submitted. In the case of the Bryant’s, they had a six-month waiting period that will be over next week. This means that Vanessa could finalize the divorce any time after Monday with the terms that they have agreed upon, but reports indicate that she has reconsidered the final filing.

In cases like the Bryant’s where the divorce process takes a long time, feelings may change during the negotiations and settlement discussions. In those situations, couples should know that just because they’ve started the process of a divorce doesn’t mean that they must finish it.

Couples that divorce over a specific incident may find that over the course of the divorce process they can resolve that issue and come to an understanding that will actually help them maintain the relationship. The waiting period in most states is designed to leave this possibility open and to make sure that the parties don’t end their marriage too hastily.

On the other hand, divorce proceedings can be highly acrimonious depending on the circumstances, which leaves little room for reconciliation.

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