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Humphries divorce deposition to take place in Minnesota

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2012 | Firm News |

Twin Cities native Kris Humphries says he’s ready and looking forward to his divorce deposition, now scheduled for the end of the month in Minnesota. The basketball player turned reality TV star is pushing to have the depositions and other divorce proceedings filmed, just as their entire relationship and wedding were. Humphries says he is seeking greater transparency and an opportunity to show his side of the story.

Humphries has accused wife Kim Kardashian of marrying him with the intention of a quick divorce and using the relationship for publicity purposes. The claim is controversial but Humphries has been telling reporters that when all the facts are laid out, it will be clear that she deceived him.

There are also some issues with wedding gifts that Kardashian has decided not to return and not to split with Humphries. One item of particular interest in the question to fairly divide assets is a very valuable Ferrari that was given to the couple, which Kardashian is currently in possession of.

While the high-profile nature of this divorce can make this couple’s story seem unique, figuring out how to divide assets and what do to with commonly owned property is a problem that many Minnesotans face. The Kardashian-Humphries story may have been caught on camera, but with widespread use of Facebook and Twitter, many people are recording the details of their lives and relationships. As we have discussed many times before, this type of content can often become evidence in a divorce proceeding.

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