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Body language in courtroom could help your case during divorce

On Behalf of | May 1, 2012 | Firm News |

In a perfect world, divorcing couples would never set foot in a court room. Instead, they would approach the divorce with a collaborative mindset and be able to agree on some of the unique issues involved in their split.

Of course, most couples in Lakeville, Minnesota and throughout the state (and, really, across the country) cannot attain this utopian idea — divorce is inherently an emotional and contentious matter, especially when one party in a divorce has many valuable assets or numerous pieces of property. This doesn’t mean you can’t live happily ever after divorce; it is quite the opposite.

Finalizing your divorce allows you to leave a fractured and painful relationship and move on with your life without the weight of a stressful or emotionally-draining issue waiting for you at home. Divorce can often be the elephant in the room: the issue you and your soon-to-be-former spouse don’t want to talk about, but desperately need to figure out in an efficient way.

Say your divorce is headed for court — the issue at hand could be minor or serious, but ultimately that is irrelevant. When you are in that courtroom, just the simple act of respectful body language can boost your case. It presents you as a reasonable and cordial person, and that is a positive in the eyes of a judge.

The documentation and evidence that proves your side of the story is for your divorce lawyer to handle. Your role in court is to come off as professional and respectful. It may be an easy step, but more often than not it gets overlooked; and a person’s case can suffer if they sarcastically shake their head at someone’s testimony or roll their eyes at a judge’s statements.

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