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Kardashian v. Humphries: new rumors as media dispute continues

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2012 | Firm News |

Kim Kardashian’s divorce from former University of Minnesota basketball star Kris Humphries has been well-documented. The couple got married in 2011 and just 72 days after saying “I do,” Kris and Kim were headed for the split. Since the divorce filing, there have been multiple stories alleging the marriage was fake — part of a scheme to make money off the television rights to the Kardashian wedding, which were estimated at $10 million.

In addition, there were rumors that Humphries would opt to not have a lawyer present during the divorce proceedings, instead choosing to represent himself. It doesn’t matter if an average person or a celebrity is seeking divorce — having appropriate legal representation is vital. Humphries has since silenced those rumors, as he has brought on an attorney from Minnesota and a legal team in Los Angeles.

Without a lawyer you could do irreversible damage to your case and, barring extreme circumstances, you will not have comparable legal knowledge to a divorce attorney who has had years of training and experience in family law. Assets need to be divided; decisions need to be made regarding property; and if the couple has children, support and custody arrangements must be made.

The process of settling these matters is greatly expedited with legal representation. Kim and Kris, meanwhile, have engaged in a war of words recently over an alleged $7 million demand by Humphries to officially end the marriage. Humphries’ legal team was quick to dismiss the allegation as “ridiculous and defamatory.”

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