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Work performance and health of relationship affected by stress

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2012 | Firm News |

New information coming out of Florida State University shows that couples who let work stress invade their personal lives are less productive on the job – and could be headed for divorce. A study was done by the school’s College of Business that questioned 400 working couples on the health of their relationship and how stressful their daily life was.

What researchers found is that when work stress strongly affects a couple, that couple risks a deteriorating relationship unless they are willing to emotionally support each other. “Given that a lack of support from one’s spouse represents a major cause of both divorce and career derailment, this research is needed to address issues that affect both home and work,” said the study’s lead author.

“When you’re still angry or upset from yesterday’s stress, your workday will likely go in only one direction – down,” he said, adding that whenever this type of stress permeates through a relationship, it either brings the couple together or splits it apart.

The study found that not only does work stress at home affect a relationship, but it also makes the couple less alert and less focused at work. This anxiety can even affect work relationships and make someone feel more tired when they are performing their job.

So what does this all mean for working couples? Sometimes a couple may have real issues in their relationship that leads to a divorce. That issue could be work- or stress-related, or it could be another personal factor that brings a couple to the brink. Whatever the case, if you feel you are heading for divorce, it is best to contact an experienced attorney about your situation.

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