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December 2014 Archives

Do I have a right under Minnesota law to visit my grandchildren?

Grandparents often play a crucial role in the care and development of their grandchildren. Unfortunately, the access that the grandparents have to their grandchildren can be significantly curtailed and even stopped following a divorce.

Facts about Minnesota anti-stalking laws and domestic abuse

Although domestic abuse has many components, often the abuser's desire to control one's victim is arguably one of its most common characteristics. Stalking, or the intentional following or harassing of another person, can be an extension of domestic abuse through a different method. For example, an abusive spouse who has been served with divorce papers may resort to monitoring the other spouse's social media activity in order to discover her or his whereabouts.

Use of experts crucial in Minnesota high-asset divorce cases

There are perhaps few things in life less predictable than how individuals will act during their divorce. Many times, that is because the stakes are so high for either spouse. If children are also involved in a divorce, emotions experienced by both spouses can particularly become inflamed. Unfortunately, sometimes during hotly contested divorces items such as high-priced pieces of art, luxury cars and even watercraft serve as the proxies for both spouses.

Pet prenuptial agreements increasing in Minnesota

It almost seems laughable at first: divorcing couples arguing over which spouse should get the family dog. One might think that issues surrounding the children or even possession of the house might take priority. However, a 2006 survey of divorce attorneys indicates that an increasing number of couples is getting into contentious arguments over their family pets.

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