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April 2014 Archives

Mentally impaired man fights for child custody rights

Earlier this week, the Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled that a man suffering from a mental impairment should not be deprived at least partial custody of his 2 -year-old daughter. The origins of the case go back to March 2012, when Becker County child protections services got worried about the child's placement with her biological mother over issues of child neglect. A district court determined that that the 2-year-old and two other children in the mother's care should be placed into foster care and to terminate the mother parental rights.

Consider student loan debt in your prenuptial agreement

When Minnesota couples are about to marry often the last thing they want to consider is the prospect that they may split up in the future. Increasingly, the reality is that many people will experience a divorce at one point in their lives. That's why it is always prudent to prepare by dividing assets and liabilities before the wedding, and to get that agreement down in writing.

Timberwolves player accused of domestic abuse

Even under normal conditions, domestic abuse is a frightening experience which can negatively impact a person to the point where they are constantly fearful for their safety. However, when the alleged assailant of that crime is also a wealthy and influence person, the victim often feels that terror even more acutely.

Child custody battle over Bode Miller’s child continues

Many Minnesotans are familiar with the name Bode Miller -- thousands watched him ski his way to an Olympic bronze medal in Sochi in February. What most Americans do not know, however, is that Mr. Miller is currently involved in a long-term child custody dispute with his former girlfriend. The dispute began with the child's birth and has continued for over 13 months.

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