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Overcoming the heartbreak of infidelity after divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2021 | Divorce |

If your divorcing spouse cheated on you during your marriage, this is likely to have been a traumatic experience for you. The fact that your spouse and the parent of your children could have had an intimate and romantic relationship with another person while you believed that your marriage was fine can be something that you will find difficult to come to terms with.

If you decided to file for divorce as a result of your spouse’s infidelity, you may have initially felt that this was your way of getting closure. By taking action to divorce, you are showing your spouse, yourself and the world that you do not tolerate this type of behavior. However, when thinking about dating other people, the insecurity that has come with this experience may have started to take root. The following are some tips for overcoming the heartbreak of infidelity after divorce.

Don’t blame yourself

Spouses cheat for a variety of different reasons, and it is likely nothing to do with the way that you have treated them. It’s common for relationships to lose their passion after many years, and this lack of emotional satisfaction could have led them to cheat. They may also be feeling insecure and seek validation from someone else. Your spouse had the responsibility to talk to you about the way they were feeling in the marriage, and if they blame their cheating on you when they never talked to you about their dissatisfaction, this is simply their way of projecting their own guilt.

Lightning doesn’t strike twice

You may be hesitant to enter new relationships because you have lost trust. You should remember that just because you have been cheated on once, doesn’t mean it will happen again. Learn from the experience and take it as a lesson to initiate communication rather than a sign to start becoming jealous.

If you are going through a divorce due to infidelity, make sure that you take action to gain the divorce outcome that you deserve.


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