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Working night shifts can end your marriage

On Behalf of | May 13, 2019 | Firm News |

When you were single, you liked working night shifts. They even felt a bit exciting at first. They paid pretty well. It took some adjusting to get used to the schedule, but you enjoyed having some free time during the day, when everyone else was at work in Lakeville.

After you got married, though, you found it harder to balance your schedule. Your spouse did not work night shifts, even though you did. Could this pose a problem?

Divorce rates

It absolutely could create problems in your marriage. In fact, studies have found that divorce rates increase for workers who have consistent night shifts. When asked how satisfied they are with their marriages, these workers also claim they have less satisfaction than those on traditional work schedules.

In short, while you may make it work for a time, all of those night shifts take a toll. They could eventually end your marriage. Even if they pay well, which can give your family more stability, they erode the romantic relationship you have with your spouse and they make it harder to offer the support that you both need.

Two working parents

For instance, maybe your spouse also works, but he or she has more traditional shifts that end in the evenings. Your kids go to school and get out in the late afternoon.

Essentially, you stay home all day long, while your kids go to class and your spouse works. As soon as they get home for the day, you have time for a quick meal together, and then you head off to work. Maybe you don’t even have time for that meal. You just pass each other in the driveway.

Both emotionally and physically, you don’t end up having any time for each other. You miss your kids’ events, like soccer games and drama club performances. Not only do you and your spouse not go out on dates or spend quality time together, but you don’t even get those lazy everyday evenings watching TV or working together in the yard.

You start feeling less like a couple, less like a family, and more like two strangers who sometimes share the same space.

Night shift fatigue

Another thing studies found was that fatigue levels ran high for night shift workers. Many claimed they would procrastinate over simple chores — doing the laundry, cleaning up the kitchen — due to fatigue. On the weekends, rather than enjoying family time, they’d try to sleep more.

If this is you, you probably feel like you don’t have a choice, but your spouse feels like they have to do everything on their own. That’s not a healthy relationship.

Moving forward

If you do wind up getting divorced, make sure you take the time to carefully consider all of your legal options in Minnesota.


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