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These 3 reasons are why most people divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2018 | Blog |

Many people think that the number one cause of divorce is infidelity. While people do file for divorce because of a cheating spouse, there are actually several other reasons for divorce that are more common. You might also be surprised to learn that money does not make the list of the top three reasons why people divorce.

Even if your reasons for wanting to divorce are not on the list, it does not mean that they are less valid. In reality, if you simply feel like your life would be better if you were no longer married, then divorce is probably a good choice.

Not working on the marriage

Marriage, like many other aspects of life, requires hard work. Furthermore, it requires work from both partners. If you or your husband do not have an interest in working on your relationship, then divorce is probably in your future. Simple laziness is a major contributing factor to many divorces, not just in the Twin Cities, but all across the United States. Disillusionment and an unwillingness to work on yourselves as individuals and as a couple is usually a recipe for divorce.

Failure to effectively communicate

Communication plays a large role in our daily lives. Your communication skills affect everything from your job to your relationship with your husband and every encounter you have with other individuals every day. You probably put a significant amount of effort into communicating with your boss and your colleagues while you are work. You take the time to listen to what people are saying and form your responses very carefully so that it minimizes the risk of misunderstanding. Many people put a lot of effort into communicating with others in similar circumstances.

However, these same people fail to use the same skills when they communicate with their spouses. You or your husband could have this same problem when it comes to addressing your feelings or perceived shortcomings in the marriage. If one or both of you cannot communicate effectively, it could be a major factor that leads to divorce.

Unmet expectations

If you or your husband have high expectations that go unmet, it could definitely lead to divorce. For many couples, their expectations about marriage are often unreasonable when the reality of married life sets in. Unfortunately, when expectations remain unmet, divorce is a common result.

If you are considering divorce, you might be doing so for one or more of the reasons above. However, even if your reasons are completely different, it does not mean that divorce is not the right choice for you.


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