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How Fathers Can Win Custody

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2016 | Child Custody |

In decades past, it used to be assumed that mothers would win the custody battles. This was largely because mothers did most of the child-rearing while fathers worked. It was believed that the father could still support the kids but couldn’t replace the child-rearing that might be lost from the mother.

Today, more fathers are winning custody battles than ever. This means it is vital that any parent involved in a custody battle should seek the advice of an attorney to ensure they have the best chance possible to reach the outcome that they desire.

There are a number of strategies that fathers can use to win custody battles. The first step is to demonstrate that their work schedule does not preclude them from being able to effectively take care of their children. Fathers that are able to move to a part-time schedule or work from home will have a better chance of winning a custody battle in the eyes of the court. If fathers can demonstrate that the mother works just as many hours, this argument will become even stronger. They may need to be ready to prioritize the children over career aspirations.

The next step is to demonstrate that the father has a powerful bond with the children. This involves a number of steps. First, the father should be ready to demonstrate that he has taken the time to get to know his children. Presence at sporting events, volunteering as a coach, taking the time to work with the kids at school, and showing that he doesn’t travel for work will go a long way in fighting for the custody that he deserves. The father needs to demonstrate to the courts that his children are the priority in his life. Don’t send the children to daycare or babysitters. Spend time with the kids.

The last step is to compare the relationship of the children with each of their parents individually. Some divorces have different circumstances and some divorces are put into place because one of the parents is mentally ill or has been harming the children. If this person is the mother, it will be relatively easy for the court to rule in favor of the father. Demonstrating that the mother has a mental illness or a propensity for abusing the children is another way for fathers to win custody. While this is never pretty, the best interests of the children are at stake.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the divorce, more fathers are winning custody of their children in divorce settlements. Anyone embroiled in a custody battle should rely on the advice of a legal attorney for the best chance possible to reach the desired ruling.


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