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October 2014 Archives

Hiding assets during a high asset divorce in Minnesota

In many ways, fighting over assets and property acquired during a marriage can be likened to balancing a scale under current Minnesota law. In the Minnesota statutes that govern divorce throughout the state, the phrase "fair and equitable distribution" is used to describe the process in which family courts are tasked with completing whenever couples decide to end their marriages.

Can I get emergency child custody under Minnesota law?

Minnesota has long recognized the importance of having both parents actively involved in the care and raising of their children. However, during divorce proceedings Minnesota family courts are also tasked with ensuring the best interests of the children. Sometimes, situations arise during a divorce that necessitate quick action by the court in order to preserve the children's best interests vs. their parent's desires.

Some important Minnesota domestic abuse statistics

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Recent sensational news reports involving athletes and celebrities are increasingly drawing attention to a problem that often otherwise gets overlooked in our society. Thankfully, organizations like the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women help to keep a steady presence and awareness about the problem of domestic abuse even after the media spotlight begins to fade.

Considerations when determining grandparents' rights

When two people in Minnesota are going through a divorce, one of the things that grandparents will often be most concerned about is what rights they have to see their grandchildren. They want to make sure that they do not lose these young children from their lives entirely. There are a few things that the court is going to consider when deciding what rights the grandparents have, as these may not be set in stone beforehand.

Do I need an attorney for a Minnesota prenuptial agreement?

The short answer is no. Minnesota residents are not currently required to have legal representation in order to form a prenuptial agreement. However, the statute that governs such marital arrangements in Minnesota does require that both parties have ample opportunity to a consultation with a legal representative prior to the execution of the document.

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