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September 2014 Archives

Son of Minnesota Vikings owner in high-asset divorce

The son of a co-owner of the Minnesota Vikings football team is currently employing a rare strategy in his high asset divorce proceedings currently underway in New Jersey. The 47-year-old man claims that a woman he has lived with for roughly 20 years is not legally his wife because of a snafu during a religious ceremony.

Legal custody issues under Minnesota law

Divorce is always a tough emotional experience for parents with a child. Both parties realize that their inability to remain married will undoubtedly affect their child's life. For better or worse, the actions of both spouses will profoundly alter their child's future upbringing from its current trajectory.

Women’s shelter provides hope for victims of domestic abuse

Far too often, many victims of domestic violence feel as though they have no place to turn to for help. Victims are often isolated by their abusers from friends and family members. Many times it is that isolation and despair which causes victims of domestic violence to remain in abusive relationships.

When to file a grandparents’ rights petition

Being a grandparent is something many people look forward to as they grow older. Children are full of wonder and joy, and most grandparents find that their own lives are enriched simply by being around their grandkids. Unfortunately, the precious relationship between a grandparent and grandchild can be jeopardized if the child's parents decide to split.

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