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Minnesota man arrested for violating protection order

On July 2, police arrested a Waseca, Minnesota, man for allegedly violating a protection order and theft. Police detailed their allegations against the man in a criminal complaint filed with the Waseca County Court on July 3. According to that document, the 34-year-old defendant showed up at the home of a woman who had an order of protection against him.

During that confrontation on the afternoon of July 2, the victim reportedly said that the defendant ignored her demand that he leave her residence as required by the protection order. Afterwards, the defendant allegedly snatched the victim's key to a storage locker and a pack of cigarettes before fleeing the scene on foot.

The complaint also mentions the defendants two prior convictions for violating no contact orders back in 2008 and 2009. The defendant also has prior convictions for felony domestic abuse, felony second-degree burglary and misdemeanor theft. Additionally, the defendant is currently facing charges for allegedly writing a check on a closed account.

In Minnesota, an order of protection can provide a victim in an abusive relationship immediate relief from a potentially-violent spouse. Typically the action begins with filing an application to the court describing incidents in which the spouse behaved in a way that caused fear of imminent harm.

A court appearance is not needed for the first step, known as an ex-parte, but a person seeking the protection order is required to present evidence and testimony to the court at a later date to maintain the protection order. It is wise to have legal counsel at that hearing because the accused spouse will also have the opportunity to challenge the protection order and offer evidence and testimony of their own.

Source: Waseca County News, "Waseca man charged with burglary, violating protection orders" Samantha Maranell, Jul. 17, 2014

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