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June 2014 Archives

Link between finances, attractiveness and divorce in Minnesota

A recent study has shown that there could be a link between how often people talk about their finances, how attractive that makes them to their spouse, and their odds of getting divorced. The study found that people often do not care nearly as much about having a physically attractive spouse as they care about having one who talks about money, knows what they are doing with their finances and generally just handles money well.

Minnesota Senator hears tech concerns about domestic abuse

On June 4, Minnesota Sen. Al Franken chaired a Congressional panel tasked with reviewing the effect of modern technology as it relates to matters of domestic abuse. In particular, the panel was interested in the emergence of phone apps used in smartphones, which sometimes play a role in some domestic abuse cases. A victim's advocate spoke to the panel and warned that many offenders use smart phone technology to track and then harass their intended victims.

Recent celebrity wedding draws focus on prenuptial agreements

The recent wedding in Florence, Italy, between celebrities Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has drawn the spotlight to the issue of prenuptial agreements. Both celebrities are stars in their own right, and both have made their individual fortunes before tying the knot. Kim Kardashian is best known for her roles as a reality television star. Kardashian's new husband, Kanye West, rose to stardom as a rapper and has since earned a considerable sum as one of hip-hop's most profitable figures. They have even been called the most talked about couple in the world.

The worst time for a high asset divorce

The University of Minnesota just released a report saying that the divorce rate, which has been right around 50 percent, is rising once again. Interestingly, the study showed that the rate is going up the most with older couples. This could be tied to the fact that the divorce rate is also higher for those in a second or even third marriage, as people are likely to be older at that point.

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