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May 2014 Archives

Losing child custody after a mental illness

Pregnancy and child rearing can take a toll on Minnesota mothers, both physically and mentally. It is common for many women to experience some form of depression after giving birth, especially if the pregnancy was unplanned and the woman feels all alone. So what happens when a woman is deemed psychotic by a psychologist? In many cases, child custody can be affected.

Minnesota House passes gun bill to curb domestic abuse

A recent proposal to tighten gun restrictions throughout Minnesota just cleared its first hurdle by passing the Minnesota House. The proposed bill bans people convicted of domestic abuse, child abuse or stalking from possessing guns. Furthermore, the law would compel firearm owners with a history of those offenses to turn over any firearms in their possession to another person or legal entity permitted to receive those weapons within three days.

New law regarding joint physical custody of children

Earlier this month Governor Mark Dayton signed a bill which changes the law in the state of Minnesota as it now pertains to the custody of children after a divorce. At the heart of the legislation is a revision of several factors to be considered when couples with children split up and dispute over which party should have custody of the kids.

Domestic abuse call reveals a painful history of violence

On April 19 Minneapolis police responded to a domestic assault call and found a woman with a swollen nose and black eyes. Upon further questioning, the woman revealed that she had been a victim of a series of brutal assaults at the hands of a 23-year-old man who had been living with her in her home since March. The victim described how the man's behavior changed after he started using some form of drugs. She detailed incidents in which the man choked her and threatened to burn her with a blowtorch, or remove her teeth using a pair of pliers. She said that the man also removed the lock from the front door and installed it on her bedroom door in an effort to keep her in at night.

Former New York Governor in high asset divorce

Experiencing a divorce is a stressful and chaotic time of a person's life. As unpleasant as most divorces are, sometimes passions can become even more enflamed during this process when there are substantial assets to be divided between the parties. A case in point is the recent divorce of the former Governor of New York, Elliot Spitzer, from his wife of 26 years, Silda Wall Spitzer.

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