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March 2014 Archives

Orthodox Jewish law leads to complex high-asset divorce

When a marriage ends in Minnesota, an attorney can assist with what is called the "legal divorce," that is, ending your marriage in the eyes of the law. Some couples also choose to go through a "religious divorce," meaning they end their marriage according to the laws of their faith. As a recent case from another state shows us, the two types of divorce can encounter similar difficulties.

University of Minnesota study reexamines U.S. divorce rate

It is a common belief among population experts that the divorce rate in the United States reached its highest point in the 1970's and has been falling ever since. Experts have used this data to make broad arguments about the role that divorce plays in our current society and to draw attention to cultural and social trends in our country.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West prepare prenuptial agreement

Readers who have their fingers on the pop culture pulse will undoubtedly be aware the singer Kanye West and reality television star Kim Kardashian are preparing to tie the knot. The wedding, which will take place in May, will likely attract the attention of news outlets across America.

What happens when company co-owners get a complex asset divorce?

It is common for Minnesota spouses to share everything in marriage. In some cases, that means the family business as well. Spouses frequently go into business together, jointly creating a company that they grow and evolve together. It is generally a great way for two people who work well together to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

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