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Brendan Fraser wants alimony payment modification

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2013 | Firm News |

Residents of Minnesota may be aware of the separation of Brendan Fraser from his wife, which happened in 2007. The high net worth divorce was settled in 2009. The actor currently has to pay $900,000 annually to his wife and children.

Recently, the actor asked the court for modification of the payments. According to the actor, he can no longer afford to make the high payments for spousal maintenance and child support. He also stated that he no longer earns enough and also has health problems. His medical problems have hindered his ability to earn. However, his wife alleges that he has hidden money from her.

While deciding on a fair amount of alimony, there are no specific guidelines. The court takes into consideration a variety of factors including the age and work experience of the parties, length of the marriage, etc.

Over time, the person’s income may increase or decrease, depending on various factors. Sometimes, the person may not be able to make the payments due to a financial situation. According to Minnesota law, the person may apply for modification of the amount under the correct circumstances.

The court may allow modification of the spousal maintenance or child custody amount if either parent becomes unemployed, has a medical emergency, has a child with special needs or the parent receives additional income after a remarriage. Another situation where the court may allow modification is if the laws change. It is necessary that both people have a sound understanding of the laws in place.

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