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Wrestling star John Cena seeks divorce, prenuptial contested

On Behalf of | May 26, 2012 | Firm News |

The state of Minnesota has a long history in the world of professional wrestling. As such, many fans are probably familiar with the name John Cena, who is a World Wrestling Entertainment star. Recently, his name hit the headlines because of his decision to file for divorce from his wife of three years. According to court documents, Cena believes that their marriage is irretrievably broken.

Cena and his wife were high school sweethearts. They have actually been a couple for the past 14 years, though they decided to marry in 2009.

Two things are interesting about this story. The first is that Cena’s wife says she was completely surprised by the divorce filing. She admits that she and her husband were going through a difficult time, but she did not expect her husband to file divorce papers. Rather, she believed they would be able to work things out.

The other interesting factor at play here is that the couple has a prenuptial agreement in place. Prenuptial agreements are typically used when one or both parties have a significant net worth and substantial assets to protect.

Now that she is over the shock of the divorce filing, Cena’s wife is planning on challenging the validity of the prenuptial agreement by arguing that she has always supported her husband in his rise to fame, even when no one else believed in him. She says she pushed him forward to achieve what he has today, and that she should benefit from her effort, despite the terms of the agreement that heavily favors her husband.

It is important to remember, though, that while prenuptial agreements can be very helpful to streamline a divorce, this will only be the case if the agreement is found to be validly executed. In addition, regardless of whether the prenup is valid or not, any marital property that was accumulated during the course of their marriage will be subject division of property, since the agreement applies to property acquired before they exchanged vows.

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