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Repeat offender burns ex-girlfriend, charged with domestic abuse

Domestic abuse and incidents of spousal abuse are very serious matters that place someone in a dangerous, sometimes life-threatening, situation. The one being abused can sometimes be conditioned to accept or hide what the abuser has done. In any domestic violence matter, may it be one incident or a repetitive occurrence, the act of causing harm to your partner is not acceptable and can carry extensive consequences.

A 33-year-old Minneapolis man is about to face this reality after a Dakota County judge set a trial date of July 9 for his domestic violence case. The man is accused of burning his ex-girlfriend's face with cigarettes on June 1 of last year after incapacitating her with drugs.

The man has a criminal history and is being charged with third-degree assault and domestic assault, both of which are felonies. The 33-year-old pleaded not guilty, and if the case gets to trial he could be punished with a maximum prison sentence of 10 years and a $20,000 fine.

Since 1998 the man has been involved in a variety of criminal acts and has been charged with myriad counts of domestic abuse and drug possession, including domestic assault by strangulation and second-degree controlled substance. The 33-year-old's ex-girlfriend should seek a restraining order to protect her against any potential violence in the future, should this man be released from custody.

Domestic violence episodes can terrorize you and your family. However, with the advice and support of an experienced legal representative, you can take the appropriate course of legal action to protect you and your family from any more abuse.

Source: Rosemount Patch, "Trial Date Set for Minneapolis Man Accused of Burning Rosemount Girlfriend with Cigarettes," Jeff Roberts, Jan. 19, 2012

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