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Estate Planning Attorney

You have worked hard to buy a home, to grow your bank accounts and to be able to live comfortably. You might be surprised to learn how easy it can be to plan your estate and protect your assets so your hard work can benefit your loved ones.

At , in Lakeville, we take great care to create strong and customized estate plans. When you enlist our law firm, you will work directly with attorney , who has spent more than 22 years helping people throughout Minnesota.

When to Plan Your Estate

Estate planning can be done at any time during your life. It is never too soon. As long as you have assets to protect and pass on, even if you consider them relatively small, you should talk to a lawyer about drafting a will or another suitable estate planning instrument.

A good cue to create an estate plan is any life change. Have you recently gotten married? Have you brought a new child into the world? Did you just move to Minnesota? Did you recently go through a divorce? If you already have an estate plan, these are also good opportunities to contact us about updating your plan.

Estate Planning Components

The will is the cornerstone of the estate plan, and for many of our clients, that may be all the estate planning that is necessary. However, we encourage you to look at the bigger picture. An estate plan can do much more than dictate how your assets will be passed on. If created properly, it can also address end-of-life care and more. We can recommend powers of attorney and other estate planning components to benefit you.

If your goals for your family and your assets are more complex, you may want to consider creating a trust. We can create customized trusts designed to achieve unique objectives.

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