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Going through a divorce can be extremely painful emotionally and financially. Making decisions about the rest of your life when it may feel like life is coming to an end can be very frustrating. You may feel overwhelmed and angry. You need the support and understanding of an experienced Prior Lake divorce lawyer who knows Minnesota divorce law as well as the Scott County family law court system.

At Dwire Law Offices, P.A.,  we have more than a decade of experience in helping people get through their divorces and on with their lives. Based in Lakeville, we know what you’re going through and how to help. We listen to your situation and help you set realistic goals for the outcome of your divorce. We are adamant about helping you get what you are entitled to, but at the same time we are honest with you as to what to expect and how things are typically decided.

Family Law Lawyer In Prior Lake, Minnesota

There will be many things for you to consider during your divorce, including how you and your spouse will divide your property. This will include your house, which may affect whether your children can continue to go to school in Prior Lake. Other major considerations will include how much parenting time each of you wants with your children and how much child support will be paid to the person who ends up with the larger share of parenting time.

We know that this is an emotional time for you. However, the easiest, fastest and least expensive way to get through this is to negotiate directly with your spouse and his or her lawyer, or to take advantage of the alternative dispute resolution programs offered by Scott County. These include mediation and early neutral evaluation (ENE). By working through these decisions and coming to an agreement, whereby we can create a settlement for the judgment and decree, you retain control over the outcome of your case and reduce the potential for anger over decisions made by a judge, which will affect the rest of your life. This may also help the two of you co-parent more amicably in the future.

We know that there are situations where you and your spouse simply cannot agree. If this happens, we are prepared to take your case to court and aggressively pursue your interests.

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