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Grandparents' Rights Archives

Proposed change in law may offer hope for grandparents’ rights

Minnesota recognizes that grandparents often play a crucial role in the development of their grandchildren. Grandparents often provide much-needed stability and emotional support which can prove especially beneficial to grandchildren with parents going through divorce.

Understanding grandparents’ rights and adoption in Minnesota

In an ideal situation, children are raised in homes with loving parents who provide them with loving care. Unfortunately, many parents become unable or unwilling to remain in that capacity. Issues with substance abuse, domestic violence, incarceration or mental illness are all examples of conditions that may force children into the care of others.

Do I have a right under Minnesota law to visit my grandchildren?

Grandparents often play a crucial role in the care and development of their grandchildren. Unfortunately, the access that the grandparents have to their grandchildren can be significantly curtailed and even stopped following a divorce.

Grandparents’ rights to visitation protected by state statute

Any divorce involving children can quickly deteriorate into rancorous battles waged between spouses and their families. Far too often, the children of divorce accidentally get caught in the middle of these disputes. In some cases, a spiteful spouse may even lash out against the adverse spouse by deny visitation rights to grandparents.

Considerations when determining grandparents' rights

When two people in Minnesota are going through a divorce, one of the things that grandparents will often be most concerned about is what rights they have to see their grandchildren. They want to make sure that they do not lose these young children from their lives entirely. There are a few things that the court is going to consider when deciding what rights the grandparents have, as these may not be set in stone beforehand.

When to file a grandparents’ rights petition

Being a grandparent is something many people look forward to as they grow older. Children are full of wonder and joy, and most grandparents find that their own lives are enriched simply by being around their grandkids. Unfortunately, the precious relationship between a grandparent and grandchild can be jeopardized if the child's parents decide to split.

Minnesota law helps to preserve grandparent’s rights

Divorce usually goes hand-in-hand with heated emotions. It is not uncommon for both sides engaged in a divorce to participate in petty acts against the adverse party merely out of spite. Perhaps one of the most unfortunate consequences of these disputes is the alienation of children involved in the divorce from their grandparents.

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