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Thinking of divorce? Avoid these mistakes

Divorce can be a very difficult process that involves complicated decisions. This makes it necessary to spend time preparing. If you rush through the process, you risk making mistakes that can cost you a fair share of your marital assets. For example, if you are too focused on getting through the divorce, you may not take into consideration the tax consequences of keeping your house in the Twin Cities or selling it and dividing the proceeds.

Contentious divorce results in loss of job: Avoid the same fate

Think the battles that come from a contentious divorce will always stay in the courtroom? Think again. Unfortunately, some of the details of the divorce can leak out to the public. This can have a negative impact on each party's reputation and have an effect on various parts of the lives of each individual even after the divorce is finalized.

5 things to do when you want a divorce

You may only be in your early 30s, but you want a divorce. The marriage just isn't working out. Maybe you suspect your spouse isn't being faithful, maybe you're always fighting, or maybe there's a fundamental difference that is going to drive you apart -- your spouse doesn't want kids, for instance, but you do.

Divorce: Telling the Kids and Helping them Cope

No matter how you look at it, divorce is hard. It can be especially difficult on the kids. Even though you and your spouse know divorce is the right decision for your family, kids often feel guilty or betrayed by it. It's up to you as parents to put up a united front and help them through this tough time.

The nickels and dimes of divorce

One of the most pressing questions that preoccupy divorcing couples is "How much is my divorce going to cost?" The answer to this question is not easy to predict initially, as every couple navigates a slightly different divorce process. However, once a couple's priorities, needs, questions and financial situation are more thoroughly examined, a more precise answer can be determined.

Parenting time: Making child-focused decisions

Divorce is difficult for everyone involved. Children, however, will make an easier adjustment when the parents work together even if they do not live with each other. Parents typically decide the parenting time schedules that work best for all involved but are centered on the child's needs. If there are no physical or sexual abuse, chemical dependency, or other domestic violence issues, a child will benefit most by having regular contact with both parents.

3 real estate mistakes people make in divorce

When you're going through a divorce, you are probably feeling an incredible amount of stress and emotion. Making good decisions can be difficult when those emotions run high. However, the ability to remain calm and practical in making decisions is a must, especially where your financial future is concerned. Real estate is one area where people make mistakes during divorce. 

Top 7 myths about divorce mediation

A couple entering into divorce proceedings has probably heard many tales from friends who have worked through a divorce themselves. Opinions often color perceptions of how the process was handled. In Minnesota, mediation is required if the parties have not come to an agreement before their initial case management conference. It can be reassuring to know what won't happen in regards to mediation and your divorce. Here are some common myths to dispel regarding divorce mediation:

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